FT Funny Farm Natural HorseMANship

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           FT Funny Farm Natural HorseMANship

    "Helping horse and owner reconnect in a better way from the ground up!"   

 Have you dreamed of having a relationship with your horse were your horse really wants to be with you?

I dreamt the dream as well, and now I'm living it!  What an amazing difference I see in myself and my horses.  I'm now getting out and helping other horse owners achieve great relationships with their horses. 

   What kind of relationship are you wanting with your horse? Do you want a horse that is happy to be with you? That respects you and your space? That is safe to be around and ride?

I can help you get the relationship that you've dreamed of. Riding your horse is way more than just hopping on and getting wet blankets. It's more than bigger bits. Tie downs. Spurs.

 It's a partnership that is second to none. And it starts on the ground gaining respect and a partnership between the two of you that will last a life time.

 Horses are for the most part these days more than just a beast of burden. They have become family pets, held in the same regard as a dog or cat.




I can also help if you are wanting to do Judged Trail Rides, CMO's and ACTHA Rides. Contact me for more information on these fun activities that you can do with your horse!

I offer 3 different Boarding/Training packages. Begining, Foundation and Obstacles/Trail Rides. Workshops are also being held at the farm covering all 3.

  Safety is # 1....it has to be.

Horses are just way to big and way to fast in their responses to have it any other way. But being safe doesnt have to mean being harsh.

Natural HorseManShip is being firm but fair.


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