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                    Welcome to the Funny Farm


 We are, Fred and Tami Wilkins. Currently we run our farm out of Vermontville, Michigan. We grow our own hay, fish in our pond, enjoy our 2 goats, pot belly piggie and get eggs from our ducks & chickens. We both worked for a local utility company, Fred retired in 2006 and I retired in 2013!

 We founded our little farm back in 1997 when we moved from the city to the country. A dream come true for both Fred and I. We had 3 horses at the time and soon found ourselves with a 4th. Soon we added chickens, ducks and even a couple of goats and a pot belly piggie! Bought 10 acres to add to our 5 and had a pond dug.

 Fred had not ridden much when we first met but he took to it like he had been doing it all his life. He enjoys the horses and altho he doesnt always like the Hay season he is adapting to farm life!

 I started riding at the age of 2. Took riding lesson's in High School, rode friends horses and those at the riding stables near me growing up. I never owned one as a child. And have been around them my whole life in one way or another. I've just started up English riding lessons 9/14.

 I have studied Natural Horse Man Ship for many years. My love of horses started way back in 1962. My true understanding of horses started in 2004 with John Lyons & Pat Parelli. I have since studied under Karen Rolph, Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Clinton Anderson, Jennifer Bauer and Larry Whitsell to name a few.

 I bought my first horse when I was 36 yrs old. By the time I was 37 I had 4 horses. The youngest, a filly I named Comet was the first horse I trained to ride. I have worked with countless horses over the yrs.

 I  have done/still do Horse Transportation, helped a friend with her breeding/boarding farm and with evaluating horses for resale.


                                       About our Farm

 Our farm is set up for horses and horse training. The farm sits on 15 acres w/pond for playing/swimming in. 4 acres are pasture and 10 for hay. We left an acre for ourselves! There is a 10' mowed path around the parimater of the property for riding.

 We have a 1 acre play ground. Inside this fenced area is a round pen, 40" Ball, 2 place ramp load trailer, 2- 9'x15'x3' dirt piles, several dirt filled large tires, 5' gate, several jumps, barrels and cones. I also have several other items to play with!

 Cooper's Pond is my favorite place to play with a horse and go for a swim or both! The north end of the pond has a beach with the bottom of the pond sloping into the pond easily walking a horse in at least 20 feet.

 In an easy walk or short ride from the play ground and down by the pond is another area to play! Jody's Forest. It is lightly wooded and has gently rolling hills.

 Jody's Forest is a great place for getting ready for a Trail Ride, CMO, ACTHA Ride or Judged Trail Ride. The spring of 2010 brings some changes to Jody's Forest. There will be several "natural" obstacles to play with. Including "The Rock"!