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Posted by Tami on January 17, 2010 at 11:43 AM

Kelly and I picked up Ashley from the Rescue yesturday. She trailered real nice and loaded like a dream. She's a cute Quarter Pony that is around ten yrs old. Check out her page for the story and keep on checking back here for updates!



Well Ash has been here 3 weeks now. We have been working on trust and the relationship. I am pleased on how she has done a 180! When you go to the gate she comes "trotting" to greet you. Always ready to do what you want.


A week after she arrived I had the local Farrier out, Henry Detwieler, to trim her hooves. He thought she might be gaited (and she is!) and maybe part Mustang! She stood good for him. Her hooves had not been trimmed in months! She had some seperation of the hoof wall but once trimmed it just about disapeared.


After two weeks being here,I decided to worm her. I did have to place the halter on her. But she took the wormer well and with out a "fight". Working with her daily has helped gain the trust she must have lost. She is a smart mare and has become very loving. She is now starting to lower her head and turn it towards me to be haltered and unhaltered.


Sunday 2/7/10 I rode her. I took my time with saddling. Rode her around in the pasture she is being kept than decided to head out. Using a Parelli Soft Rope Hackamore and the saddle Kelly brought over, we headed out. Went down to the west end of the hay field and than to the pond. She has been hearing the cows at the neighbors and decided to let her check it out.


She did great and she is Gaited! What a gait she has. Not sure of what to call it but think its a single footed gait. I'm trying to learn what it is called and will let you know as soon as I find out.



Kelly came out and we went for a ride. We took our time saddling Ash and let the 2 of them have some time to get to know each other. I saddled up Cappy and we went for about a hours ride. My dog, Festus went along. He is real good around the horses and has gone with me on rides for the last couple of yrs.



Ashley went home today. Fred went with me. We headed out around 9:30 to hook the trainer up and load Ashley. The hook up went awesome. Fred and I both went to get Ash. I know she knew something was up. Not to often we both go out together. Should have thought about that! After a few mintues she came up to us and placed the halter on her and lead her to the trailer. Let her say bye to our horses and loaded her up. Got to Kellys place and everyone was excited to see her! Her and Kincaid got along great right off the bat.


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