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My friend Kelly and I went to a local horse rescue today and adopted
a Quarter Pony mare named Ashley. They said she was 10 yrs old and had
been shown by a young girl in 4H. She came to the rescue in Aug./Sept. of
2009. She has good ground manors from what I can tell. Not sure on
how tall she is but going to measure her tomorrow. They said 14.2 but no
way. More like 13.2.

We first went to the rescue last weekend
and looked at her and a couple of other horses. It's hard to pick. Kelly
wanted a horse that her 3 boys could learn from. The guy that worked there
saddled Ashley up and rode her in the arena. For having ill
fitted tack and a rude saddler/handler she did real nice. Dont think she
has been ridden or handled much since coming to the reacue. They have like
80 horses there.

Ashley is going to be staying at my place for
30 days. I have her in a private pasture with shelter,
water and a round bale. She's not under weight and the round bale is
a grass mix. My horses can "meet" her over the fence but not
close enough to touch noses. I'm going to start playing with her

She loaded up like a dream and never felt her in the
trailer on the way home. We took my 2 place ramp load bumper pull, I
couldn't get in and out of the place with my big rig. Once home we
walked her around the pasture fence line a couple of times in hand.
Than turned her loose. She knew there was other horses around. Across the
road our neighbor has 4 OTTB's geldings. She ran around a little but not

We gathered the tack Kelly brought for her
and took it to the tack room in the basement. I'll be making sure it
fits before using it. If not, I know I have a saddle that will fit her. We
went back out to Ash and spent about 20 mins with her. She needs to have
her hooves trimmed and am going to get that done this week. Other than
that she seems to be in good health.

I went back out to see Ash
a couple of hours after she got here. My horses are now in the middle
pasture where they can meet. They are in the corner but she is
not. She is at the round bale. I start walking towards her with
a couple of treats in my pocket. She starts walking towards me. When
she stops so do I. When we are about 5 ft from each other she goes to
turn and I stop walking. She stops and I reach out my hand and offer a
treat. She takes it with a very kind mouth. I wouldnt have known she took
it if I hadnt been looking.

We walked around together for a few
minutes. Me stopping when she stopped. Scratched her neck and back a
couple of times. She sniffed me a few times all over. At liberty she
has a nice looking trot and soft lope. Cant wait to ride



A Great
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