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                       Boarding with Training

I  offer boarding with training packages. There are 3 packages offered that  include board,  a min. of 28 hours of training and a 1 Hour free lesson.

Boarding includes: A private 100' X 150' pasture, 10' X 10' Run In, 2 times a day feeding and Private Water. Any feed will be provided by the owner.

Training includes: A min. of 28 hours a month of ground work. Playing 1 hour a day with your horse working on basic ground skills including the 7 games Parelli Natural Horsemanship endorses.

Free Lesson(s) includes: Myself working with you and your horse for 1 hour. We will go over what your horse has learned and how to do it once you get home.

Obstacles/Trail Riding includes: Working on all three of my obstacle courses. The main play ground, Jody's Forest and Copper's Pond. Along with hill therapy, round pen and flat field work/riding.

Workshop(s) include: A workshop with  myself. Workshops could include tournaments and other horse related activities.

Vet and Ferrier: Care will be provided by the owner of the horse in boarding/training. OR care for both can be arranged by me for an extra charge.

    ****Extra Lesson's are available for horses in board****

I will be offering lesson's at a discounted rate when boarding. Lesson's start at 20.00 an hour.

Packages Including Boarding and Training:

Begining: 1 month board, 1 hour a day of training and 1 free lesson.  When you are ready to take your horse home I will spend time showing you all I have done so you can continue when you get your horse back home. **$250.00 monthly**

Foundation: 1 month board, 1.5 hours a day of training, 2 free lessons.  Take a lesson half way through the month and one when you are ready to go home. ** $300.00 monthly**

Obstacles/Trail Riding: 1 month board, 2 hour a day of training at my 3 play areas, 4 free lessons. Take a lesson once a week. **$350.00 monthly**


 Training Only with Owner/Horse at the Farm.

 If you want to come out to the farm and have me help you with your horse you are more than welcome. We can play in all 3 play areas and/or take a trail ride. I offer private lesson's, semi-private and group lessons.

 Private lessons are a hour in length. We can work/play on what ever you need help with. Multiple hour discount. $20.00 per hour , 2 hours for 35.00 , 3 hours for 55.00.

 Semi private lessons have no more than 2-3 owner/horse pairs. The length of the lesson is 1.5 hours. You can learn from each other. Each lesson is 15.00 a hour per pair. 3 hours for 10.00 a hour per pair.

 The group is 4-5 owner/horse pairs. The length of the lesson will be 2 1/2 hours. Each 2 1/2 hour is 10.00 a hour per pair. 5 hours for 5.00 a hour per pair.