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                     Education and Experience



The last couple of years I have been riding with and auditing clinics given by Peter Campbell (http://petercampbellhorsemanship.com/).

He is the real deal. He studied and worked with Ray Hunt.

   I've studying Parelli and other Natural HorseManShip clinicians. I attended several Parelli clinics ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks with 5 Star Parelli Instructors, Carol Coppinger and David Lichman and at the ISC in Ocala, FL the fall of 2008. Along with attending play days/workshops and working with many horses over the last 20 yrs, My education continues daily.

    Other methods are also studied Tom and Bill Dorrance, Buck Brannaman, Brent Graef, Larry Whitsell, Sally Swift, Ray Hunt, Karen Rohlf, Ken McNabb just to name a very few. Find out more about whom I study and admire by checking out the links page.

 They have all left hoof prints in my heart for the way they interact with horses and their owners. Taking the horse under consideration instead of using force if the horse doesnt do as asked. Yes, I said asked! Have you ever just asked your horse to do something....instead of telling or forcing?



From the time I was 2 yrs old I have had a love of horses. I took English/jumping lesson's in High School and recently took English lessons back up. I've worked on a couple of farms over the yrs doing everything from cleaning stalls to feeding. I've been involved with transportation, training, breeding and evaluating horses for sale.

Dealing with horses even more on a daily basis started back in 1997. When we bought the farm and moved our horses out here!

In the last few years I have had several horses in for training. From Casey a 13 yr. old OTTB, Ashley, a 10 yr old QH/Mustang mare, adopted from E.A.R.T.H. Services outside Battle Creek, Michigan. Also in for training was Kincade a handsome Arab/Paint, Mugsie a haflinger/Paint cross, Ellie ( a Rocky Mtn Horse) and Amber ( QH/Draft ). 

I have been traveling more to help others at their farms.

 Three years I retired and have been picking up clients that I travel to and that come here to the farm.