FT Funny Farm Natural HorseMANship

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If you have any Questions concerning horse training or any thing horse related...please feel free to email me. Below are some questions I have been asked in the past.

  How long will it take to train my horse? There should be no time limit on training horses. You can't be in a rush to get it done in a few hours. Training horses is something you do daily. 

  What kind of training do I do? Problems you may be having with your horse, like trailer loading, standing for the ferrier, standing for mounting, standing to be saddled. I also can handle problems such as invading your space, being disrespectful and obstacles. I can get a good start under saddle if you need.

  Do I have to bring my horse to you? NO! I will come to you and your horse and work at your place. The fee I charge covers me bringing all I need to help you and your horse. *There is an extra fee for covering fuel if I have to travel more than a half hour one way.*

  Do I have to keep having you come back? NO! My goal is for you and your horse to build a lasting relationship so you dont need me! I will not only work with your horse but with you and your horse. What I hope you get out of our lessons is the confidence to do it on your own. I do suggest having me out at least once a week for a month to start. I do offer Natural HorseMANship Workshops at the Farm every other saturday.

 What type of equipment will I need? I will bring everthing we will need t o work with your horse. I will suggest training aids you may want to get. Most of the time you will be able to use what you have already.

 Who can benefit from my horsemanship instruction? Anyone who loves horses and has a desire to learn about interacting with them from the horses point of view with true feel and lightness.

 What are the benefits of my program?