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          Links to great reading and watching

               Please feel free to check out the links below. I will be adding to them when ever I run across something you all might be interested in. Or if you find a link worth sharing....please email them to me and I'll share it with the world

   Below are links for play ground ideas and natural horsemanship "tools"....

 The Stick Lady ( Natural Horsemanship Equipment ):


 Natural Horse Supply's:



 This is so cool. There are several links to watch. I only looked at two of them. Lots of ideas for playing. They look like they know parelli, but the tack is different.


 Horses just wanna have fun! A GREAT site for Obstcale Plans and Toys, including 40" or bigger and Balls for Soccer!



 Parelli 10 minute Tips:



                     Below are just a few of my Mentors.....

  This list contains only people I follow and believe that are here for the horse....

 Parelli Natural Horsemanship: http://www.parelli.com/

 Aida Sabri 1 Star Parelli Instructor: http://www.aidasabri.de/

 Karen Rohf: Dressage Naturally: http://dressagenaturally.net/

 Larry Whitsell: http://www.whitesellgaitedhorsemanship.com/index.html

 Jennifer Bauer: http://www.gaitedhorsemanship.com/

 Gary Lane: http://www.windsweptstables.net/

 Walter Zettl: http://www.walterzettl.net/

 Tom Dorrance: http://www.tomdorrance.com/feel_timing_balance.htm

 Joe Wolter: http://www.joewolter.com/

 Mary Wanless: http://www.mary-wanless.com/

 Susan's ViewPoint on MFT's: http://www.mofoxtrot.com/viewpoint/

 Cathy Sirett: http://www.effectivehorsemanship.com/

 Harry Whitney: http://www.harrywhitney.com/

 Carolyn Resnick: http://www.carolynresnickblog.com/

 Sherry Jarvis: http://www.heartinyourhand.com/

 Buck Brannaman: http://brannaman.com/

Peter Campbell: http://www.petercampbellhorsemanship.com/horseman/node/1


                                   More information

 Bridle and Bits information ( a MUST read ): http://www.sustainabledressage.com/tack/bridle.php#noseband

 Eliminate Riding Fear With an Attitude of Gratitude: http://horsecity.com/stories/020810/lif_destroyfear.shtml

 About Zen and the Horse: http://www.zenandthehorse.com/zah.asp

 Spirit of the Horse: http://spiritofhorsemanship.blog.com/2010/02/15/harmony-of-forward-and-maintaining-gait/ 

 TradeHorses.com: http://www.tradehorses.com/browse-categories/services-messages-events/services/owner/trainer-training-united-states-l105.html

 Equine Now: http://www.equinenow.com/